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Whether you're looking for new or refinance mortgage loans, choose Affordable Home Loans Inc. in San Bernardino, California. We offer personalized services on all kinds of credits, including:

• Conventional
  • VA
• Reverse Mortgage
  • Refinance

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage is great for people aged 62 or older. The loan pays off their mortgage and converts home equity to credit line. This way, clients only have to worry about paying home taxes and insurance.


Be part of our growing number of clients, who are mostly referrals of former customers and real estate brokers. We close homes in half the time that banks do, and work after-hours to get the job done. Other benefits of our services include:

• Free Initial Consultation
  • Free Credit Report   • Pre-Qualification


Whatever your concern is, call us and we'll take the extra mile to assist you. Get in touch with Mike or Kevin at the following numbers:

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